‘O’ Level Results 2016: The Ultimate Guide

With the 2016 O-level results set to be released on Monday 11th of January it's a stressful time of year for both parents and students. But whatever the results are you can be ready if you follow our guide below! If you have any ideas and advice for other...
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What Poly Course To Take?!

Are you now standing at the crossroad, not knowing what course to take in poly? With a total of 234 courses it can indeed be overwhelming! After doing some research and interviews, we've put together a few tips to help you get back on track! 3 DON’Ts...
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After O-levels: Private School or Study Abroad?

Should you study in a private school in Singapore or should you study abroad? The O-level results will be released soon and you may face this question. When your only options are between the two, how should you make your choice? We cannot make a decision...
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5 Gifts That Will Make Your Children Smarter

Want to give something that will help your child learn and improve their skills, but have no idea what? Every parent wants to make their children happy, and gifts can put a smile on their face. So what if you could also give something which will give...
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3 Christmas Gifts To Make With Your Kids

Christmas is fast-approaching, but don't rush out to buy your presents just yet. With only a few weeks left, why not do something a little different this year and give your loved ones a hand-made gift? Even better, try making these presents together...
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So Many Tuition Centres In Singapore! Here Are The Top 10

In Singapore, parents and students looking for tuition have an endless amount choices. After figuring out if they prefer private or group tuition, there are close to 1000 tuition or enrichment centres in Singapore, with more constantly popping up around...
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What can parents do to support their children during the exam period?

It is the time of the year where students all over Singapore are sitting for their final exams be it national exams such as the PSLE or the international exams such as the GCE O Levels and A Levels or even the yearly schools SA2s. While it is the students...
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12 Apps To Help Do Homework For Smart(phone) Students

Singapore’s education system is really tough and it’s only getting tougher. From primary school to university you need any help you can get to just push ahead, and maybe get a bit more time for yourself. With smartphones becoming more and more powerful,...
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New Syllabus: MOE Wants Children to Gain 21st Century Skills

SINGAPORE, April 2 2015 – Known for its reliance on rote-learning and written examinations, the Singaporean education system is now moving towards preparing students for the 21st century workforce. The Ministry of Education (MOE) has long been accused...
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