2015 Private Tuition Rates in Singapore

If you’re an avid follower of local news, the fact that Singapore’s private tuition industry is now worth $1 billion is not new to you. Check out the table below:

Average tuition rates per hour, based on tutor’s qualifications & standard taught

‘A’ levels / diploma holders Undergraduates Graduate (degree-holders) NIE trainees MOE-trained teachers
Lower Primary (P1 to P3) 15-20 22-27 25-30 25-35 35-45
Upper Primary (P4 to P6) 17-22 25-30 27-32 27-35 40-55
Lower Secondary (Sec 1 & 2) 20-27 32-37 35-40 35-50 52-65
Upper Secondary (Sec 3 to Sec 5) 25-30 35-40 40-50 40-55 50-80
Junior College (JC 1 & 2) 40-50 45-60 45-60 60-95

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Why Tuition?

Education in a Singaporean classroom

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Private tuition classes are no longer seen as something ‘extra’ to help along academically weak students. Instead, they work in tandem with school lessons to help students better internalise the curriculum. In school, teachers often do not have sufficient time to cover every single aspect of the topic, because quite frankly, there’s a lot of it. And if you want your child’s teacher to cover everything that’s going to be tested during the exam, you’re going to have to give up something.
Shy about asking questions in class?

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Also, because these tutors teach one-to-one (or sometimes in small groups), students don’t have to be shy about asking as many questions as they need. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of school teaching is that the teacher seldom has time to answer every question, and a lot of students often leave the classroom with many misconceptions or doubts about what they’ve just learnt. And sometimes, students worry about looking stupid in front of their classmates, and so they keep their questions to themselves. It’s a shame, really. But with a private tutor, you can help ensure that your child’s learning won’t be compromised, and that he or she is getting the most out of Singapore’s education system.
One-to-one private tuition classes can help your child's grades improve

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And with so many tutors out there, it’s sometimes just so difficult to find the right one. And even worse, how much should you pay? With all the different subjects and levels, how much would a private tutor for your child cost? And why are some tutors more expensive than others?

In the table above, we’ve compiled the average tuition rates charged by tutors in Singapore, 2015, based on their qualifications and standard taught. We do hope you find it useful. But for simplicity’s sake, it’s only a rough guide. Do read on to find out more about why tutors charge different rates.

Factor #1: Qualifications and experience

Tuition rates vary widely, mainly because some tutors are have higher qualifications. For example, you should expect to pay more for a tutor who has been trained by the Ministry of Education (MOE). MOE teachers tend to charge about 50-100% more than ‘A’ level or diploma holders, because they have more experience teaching children, and are also well-versed in the curriculum. We have also noticed that tutors charge 15% more for every 2 years of teaching experience.

Factor #2: Distance

It can be very time-consuming for the tutor to travel back and forth

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Singapore may be a pretty small place. But it’s still rather time-consuming and expensive to travel from place to place, especially if your destination is really far away from where you live. That’s why some tutors prefer not to take up students who live far away. Since they have to foot the transportation costs on their own, they feel that certain locations are simply not worth their while.
Tutors can lose a lot of time travelling to teach students who live far away

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A tutor who lives in Pasir Ris, for instance, would have to travel for almost 2 hours by public transport to teach a student who lives in Bukit Timah. Taking into account travelling time, this tutor would lose 4 hours every lesson. In this case, finding a tutor who lives within Bukit Timah itself may be more cost-effective. But if you’re set on having a particular tutor, it may be necessary to offer a higher rate. This will help to cover the tutor’s travelling costs, as well as providing him or her more incentive to accept your offer. This, however, is done on a case-by-case basis, and is largely dependent on the tutors themselves.

Factor #3: Schedule

Your child's and the tutor's schedule is likely to be packed

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During the school term, your child is likely to be very busy with school supplementary classes, extra-curricular activities and so on. He or she is only going to be available for tuition on select days, and you’re going to need a tutor who has a free slot that coincides with those days. Because of this, you may need to hire a tutor who teaches full-time. Such tutors, however, charge a higher rate. Also, active MOE teachers are only allowed to give 6 hours of tuition a week, and so, their tuition schedule is often very packed. This makCheck out Epigami for your tuition needs!es it difficult to find a tutor who is both suitably qualified and willing to travel to your residence. And we understand that. At Epigami, we offer a personalised concierge service to help you find a tutor that best suits your needs. Be it location, timing, or special requests, our tuition advisors will try their best to match you with someone who can help your child in their studies. We have tutors specialising in all subjects, from music to SAT exam preparation. Do feel free to register as a parent on our website! How much do you normally pay for your child’s tuition? Leave us a note in the comments section below! Featured image credit: Tutoring Sydney

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