‘O’ Level Results 2016: The Ultimate Guide

‘O’ Level Results 2016: The Ultimate Guide

With the 2016 O-level results set to be released on Monday 11th of January it’s a stressful time of year for both parents and students. But whatever the results are you can be ready if you follow our guide below! If you have any ideas and advice for other parents and students going through the same thing, feel free to share a comment :)

First of all, you need to prepare yourself. Things might go just as you planned, sometimes it will better, and sometimes worse. The wait can seem endless and the uncertainty can be the scariest experience. Practicing relaxation and getting prepared can take the weight of your shoulders. Once you are mentally ready, go check our your grades.

Once you’ve gotten your grades you start to get an idea of what choices are available to you. If you think you’ve been really successful, you will usually get into any program, and you could be among the 16,000 new JC students. If your grades were great in some areas but weaker in others, bringing your average down, you will have access to the whole range of polytechnic courses available to you. And if you were a bit under the weather on the day of your exams, making you miss the passing C6 mark, you can get into private schools (though these might be expensive). But of course, there are many other reasons to consider these different paths, and there have been more and more students switching from a-levels to polytechnic courses.

After selecting your path, you should then start looking at the different institutions which offer it. Don’t look only at the public numbers, such as average grades or ‘rankings’. Even though many will wish to go to Raffles Institution, you will have more chances to thrive in an environment you feel comfortable, as Raffles is known to be quite competitive. Polytechnic will also require to make a choice of the course to be done and there are 100s!

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