So Many Tuition Centres In Singapore! Here Are The Top 10

So Many Tuition Centres In Singapore! Here Are The Top 10
In Singapore, parents and students looking for tuition have an endless amount choices. After figuring out if they prefer private or group tuition, there are close to 1000 tuition or enrichment centres in Singapore, with more constantly popping up around town. And if they chose private tuition, there are tens of thousands of tutors, but Epigami has got them covered on that side. Group tuition can sometimes be more suitable than private home tuition for a couple of reasons, like their established curriculum or the group working environment. However, the overwhelming number of tuition and enrichment centres might make it tough for parents and students to really be sure they’re making the right decision. Each centre covers a broad range of subjects and methods, have their own pricing, availability, locations, and some even have entrance exams! With so many factors to consider when you just need a tuition centre, we thought that we could make things slightly easier for you, by listing the 10 most popular and recognised tuition and enrichment centres in Singapore, ranked in terms of popularity among parents and students.

The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab Founded in 2011, The Learning Lab (TLL) runs premier educational programmes for preschool, primary school, secondary school and junior college students. With its educational programme designed to ensure both academic excellence and world-readiness, The Learning Lab uses learning approaches that go beyond the exam as well as introduces leadership, critical thinking and presentation skills in its camps and seminars. In 2016, TLL will even be sending a delegation to the Harvard Model Congress as part of their Future Leaders program. The Learning Lab recently launched a new flagship brand, Chinese Lab, which provides premier Chinese enrichment services for preschool and primary school students. Like its parent brand, Chinese Lab provides a highly interactive student-centred learning experience in a rich and stimulating linguistic environment. Overall, The Learning Lab has a proven track record, which includes many of its alumni being admitted into Ivy League universities as well as awarded prestigious private and public sector scholarships. The entry criteria for The Learning Lab are higher than the average enrichment school in Singapore and their programmes are targeted at brighter students and those with established foundation. The waiting time is about 3 months and there is an entrance test for each subject, so make sure you’re ready to jump through those hoops to get in. Also you should consider that the fees are quite high, going from S$ 30/hr for Primary up to S$ 50/hr for JC. Visit The Learning Lab to learn more about their services.

Adam Khoo Learning Centre

Adam Khoo Learning Centre Since its inception in 2006, Adam Khoo Learning Centre (AKLC) operates based on the belief that all children can achieve great things. The founder – Mr Adam Khoo – has based much of his teachings on the power of belief and its effect on ones learning ability, as this is a cornerstone of the Adam Khoo Learning Centres curriculum. Its programmes are specially designed to help students develop their motivation and confidence, while teaching them helpful learning skills to get the grades they want. Their learning centres also offer Mastery classes which use specific strategies, techniques, learning processes and interactive activities to help students understand how to score well for the exams. The Centre’s English Mastery, Maths Mastery, Science Mastery and Chinese Mastery classes cater to primary and secondary school students. The Centre also provides customised workshops for schools and intermediate service agencies catering to parents such as NTUC, OCBC and Mendaki. The fees are in the midrange at $25/hr for Primary, $S 30/hr for Secondary, or $S40 /hr for JC for each subject, with 10% discount if you get 2 or more subjects. Visit Adam Khoo Learning Centre to learn more about their services.


Kumon In 1954, a High School Mathematics Teacher in Japan named Toru Kumon, who was the late Chairman of Kumon, introduced the Kumon Method, which pushes for independent learning. For parents who want their children to be independent, the Kumon Methods individualised learning method will be the most appealing, since the student is encouraged to engage in self-teaching and solve problems on their own, aiming to foster confidence within students. The curriculum is customised for each student, so they can do worksheets and lessons at their own pace. During each class, Kumon instructors will be free to guide students on how to become self-learners, while following their progress and development. Through close observation and keeping records of daily progress, instructors will monitor how each student improves. In addition, the instructor will carry out regular meetings with parents in order to update the parents and discuss the students’ progress. Kumon runs on a franchise model and there are over 80 centres in Singapore. For Primary English, Math and Chinese lessons, the fees are about $S25. Visit Kumon SG to learn more about their services.

Mind Stretcher

Mind Stretcher Since its establishment in 2002, Mind Stretcher (MS) Education Group has expanded to 22 centres across the island with new ones opening every year. Mind Stretcher has received various awards and accolades, helping it establish its reputation as one of the strongest names in the tuition market today. Part of a new strategy to digitize education, starting in 2016 Mind Stretcher will be engaging in augmented classroom learning as it launches its Mind Stretcher Study Buddy for its Primary Programs. Mind Stretcher Study Buddy is an innovative educational technology, first of its kind in Singapore, which will enhance interaction with students as it brings lessons to life through visual demonstrations of concepts and immersive multimedia to create a holistic learning experience for each student. Students will also be able to access additional content when they log in to Mind Stretcher Study Buddy to revise their lessons, allowing them to reinforce what they’ve learnt while still having fun. For Primary the fees are around S$20/hr, while their Secondary preparatory or enrichment courses are S$30/hr. Visit Mind Stretcher to learn more about their services.

Just Education

Just Education As for many other tuition centres, the growth in Singapore tuition market has been a boon for Just Education (JE). Established in 1999, Just Education grew from a single tuition centre in Jurong East to 15 learning centres island-wide. Just Education provides tuition programs, enrichment programs such as magic courses, creative courses and educational tours. Student care is also available if students regularly need help with their homework. For its tuition programmes, it uses exam oriented teaching materials and computer based learning sessions to engage the digital savvy students. Their unique enrichment programmes are organised to explore life skills, memory skills as well as creativity, so students can develop holistically into confident and independent young adults. Just Education aims to create a comprehensive learning environment, incorporating character-building elements to nurture the next generation of thinkers. Just Educations tremendous success in Singapore has also given it the opportunity to expand internationally into Malaysia and Hong Kong, with a total of 18 centres worldwide. The fees here are quite high, at about S$40-50/hr for Primary, S$60/hr for Secondary and S$75/hr for JC. Visit Just Education to learn more about their services.

I Can Read!

I Can Read System The I Can Read System (ICR) is the result of 5 years of research by Antony Earnshaw and Annabel Seargeant done in Australia from 1995 to 2000. They wanted to create a structured system to help children understand how letters combine to create sounds. In Singapore, 20 I Can Read learning centres have been established, so young students can learn how to speak English with a strong foundation. I Can Read enables students to see how letters combine to create invariant sounds, empowering children to take control of their own reading progress, while engaging them through fun and easy activities for children and adults. One of their most popular course, their Primary English Program, follows Singapore Ministry of Educations (MOE) syllabus. To determine which ICR program is best suited for each child, they will be required to do a free reading diagnostic test with a Reading Specialist from an I Can Read Centre, which usually takes about 30 minutes. Their fees are around S$30/hr. Visit I Can Read to find out more about their services.

Stalford Learning Centre

Stalford Learning Centre Founded in 1998 Stalford Learning Centre has consistently grown for 17 years thanks to excellent management, to encompass the 15 island wide centres it has today. Stalford offers preschool, primary, secondary and junior college courses, and covers an extensive list of curricular and extra-curricular courses. With a strong team of over 400 qualified tutors, a carefully designed curriculum, a conducive and mentally stimulating environment, and effective teaching materials, Stalford has produced countless top performing. Stalford also has two successful subsidiaries, Stalford Academy which focuses on international students preparation for entry into Singapore’s education system, and Confucius Mandarin which specializes in Chinese language courses at any level. The prices here are quite high, with Primary/Secondary at S$50/hr and JC at S$60/hr. Visit Stalford Learning Center to learn more about their services.

Kent Ridge Education

Kent Ridge Tuition Centre Started in 1988, Kent Ridge Education (KRTC) is one of the leading education chain in Singapore with 25 centres nationwide and having taught over 100,000 students. The education group provides everything from playgroups, preschool, enrichment and tuition programs for students ranging from 18 months to 18 years old. While Kent Ridge teachers come from various backgrounds and subject specialties they all have one thing in common: to see their students thrive in academics and to get them to love learning. Its preschool program distinguishes itself with the unique Kids Arts & Academic Mentorship program which exposes children from 3 to 6 years old to discover Arts and Academics in a dynamic and vibrant learning environment while preparing them with the skills they need to function in an evolving society. There are also many enrichment programs to select. Kent Ridge Education has also expanded overseas and has set up an International School in Cambodia. There fees are around S$30/hr for Primary, S$40/hr for Secondary, and $S50/hr for JC. Visit Kent Ridge Education to find out more about their services

Mind Champs

MindChamps MindChamps is an international recognized award-winning mind development institute that trains students in the Art of Learning and the development of their Champion Mindset. Launched as only a research centre in Australia in 1998, MindChamps quickly grew to then establish its head institute in Singapore in 2002. To date, over 60,000 students from pre-school to university level have graduated from MindChamps internationally. MindChamps programs empower their students with the latest and most practical strategies to achieve their full potential, both academically and personally. Using an in depth yet extensive body of research, MindChamps has developed techniques to develop active storage and recall of information, study skills and students ability to self-motivate. They define their lessons using ‘cutting-edge’ educational psychology and neuroscience techniques, brain-mapping technologies and empirical studies. MindChamps also offers parenting workshops to help parents create a better learning environment in their homes, as well as to understand the full range of MindChamps’ techniques to help reinforce them at home. Depending on the program your child is enrolled in, the workshops available are:
  • Parenting Strategies Workshop
  • Sparks of a Champion Parenting Workshop
  • Exam Strategies Parenting Workshop
  • Champion Parenting Workshop
With high fees of S$50/hr for Primary, this is reserved for those with a larger budget. Visit MindChamps to find out more about their services.

Mavis Tutorial Centre

Mavis Tutorial Centre Established by Mr Anthony Ng, Mavis Tutorial Centre has been providing tuition services to students from primary school, secondary school and junior college since 1986. Mavis Tutorial Centre currently has 15 branches across the island, with more than 120 full-time teachers and staff members. Mavis applies unconventional teaching methods to fix the inherent deficiencies of traditional rote learning, and they have proven it to be more effective at helping students aquire and maintain knowledge while having a better understanding of it. Singapores Ministry of Education has also started to encourage its schools to explore these unorthodox methods. Their teaching materials are thoughtfully prepared and classes are conducted by mostly NIE-trained teachers. Mavis Tutorial Centres engage students to help them enjoy the learning process, instead of dreading it. At only S$20/hr for Primary, Mavis is one of the more affordable tuition centres in Singapore. Visit Mavis Tutorial Centre to find out more about their services. If you think we should add any other tuition centres, or would like more articles like this, leave us a comment below or send us some feedback at

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