What Poly Course To Take?!

What Poly Course To Take?!
Are you now standing at the crossroad, not knowing what course to take in poly? With a total of 234 courses it can indeed be overwhelming! After doing some research and interviews, we’ve put together a few tips to help you get back on track!

3 DON’Ts

1. Don’t Buckle Under Peer Pressure

Are you going for a course because your girlfriend or boyfriend are applying for it? Are you considering a course just because society thinks highly of it, even though you’re really not interested? Please think twice, and always put yourself first. You know yourself best, so make the decision you think it will be best for you. Do what you are passionate about.


2. Don’t Get Fooled By The Money

  We all know Singaporeans are famous for being pragmatic. Many parents think the best for their children is to go into law, medicine or accountancy, etc. They usually believe that this will lead to a brighter future, earning high salaries. If it’s what you really enjoy studying and doing, then great! Otherwise, think twice. A friend  of mine did accounting only because her parents wanted her to, but she was always more of a designer, so she was quite miserable studying it. If you really like what you do, you will eventually get paid very well at it.

3. Don’t Make A Rash Decision

Already decided on your course? Take a day to really think through it, and figure out if its really good for you. For example, don’t go for forensic science because you like CSI (the TV series). Some thought they were really interested in it, then ended up changing course after a year because they couldn’t do biology. Ask yourself if you really know what you would go through during the next few years of studies. Can you cope well with the course? Do more research before deciding!

3 DOs

1. Do Something You Enjoy

  Is there something you can do for hours on end? Take the booklets and brochures from the different poly courses and browse through them. Cross out the courses you really don’t find interesting and circle those you do. For those you shortlisted, do some more research about them. Have a look at the course outline and think if you would want to study the modules for 3 years. Go for open house and talk to the people there. Find out what they do, why they chose those courses, what they like and don’t like, and if they are happy with their decision. Lastly, try to discover the personality and the type of people there, “Birds of a feather flock together”, right? Find the booth you feel most comfortable in.

2. Do Something You’re Good At

Know where your strengths are, it’s possibly something you’re passionate about. If you are still lost, ask people who know you well. What do they think you’re strong in? Among the subjects you took during your O levels, in which subjects were you always doing well? Also, all courses are grouped into 4 ELR2B2 categories, so you can then figure out in which of those you achieved the most points?  

3. Imagine Yourself Working In The Industry

  This is extremely important, especially if you are not planning to go for degree in university. Poly courses are very specialised, so you must be able to see yourself working in that sector in the future. For example, you might choose Optometry because you’re really interested in it, but when you start working you realise most jobs are for retail positions, and you just don’t like that. I would advise doing a good amount of  research on your future career path. Try asking relatives and friends in that sector and understand the job requirements. If you want to study in a particular course, know the job scope. Make sure you can really work in that environment. -Wendolyn

Bonus Advice!

If you have already decided on the course, and you are not sure which poly to choose from, go down to the open house and find out about it! You may want to consider the following factors:
  • How long has the course been around?
Usually, the older it is, the more established and stable it would be.
  • How is the course outline like?
Is it more project base? Do you think it is suitable for you?   Don’t leave any single course out! Explore all of them and do a hell lot of research – it always helps. But at the end of it, remember that you must be able to see yourself in that choice of field in the future. Don’t choose the easier route, choose the right path. :) -Qi Shan It is not a easy decision to make but what I found most useful is talking to many people, and finding a course that plays on both your interests and strengths. An important consideration is knowing the kind of uni degrees you can apply for with your poly course. All the best to everyone and I hope you will enjoy the hands-on education in poly! -Lyn

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