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We invite qualified teachers and educators to update you on the latest syllabus updates.

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Our teachers share their pedagogy styles, so that you can improve your teaching method or learn how to go about teaching for the first time.

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We want our tutors to be the best that they can be, so we’re providing all workshops completely free of charge for Epigami registered tutors.

"The workshop was very informative, there were a lot of things I thought of at the back of my mind and you put it into a few words very well. I could relate to a lot of stuff. It was very good talk. The whole thing was just very informative and enjoyable to me. I have never actually attended a talk like that before, about tuition, how education affects us."

− Lynette

"Dr Leong gave me a look into what’s the future of the education of Singapore and the intent to change the model of teaching. The workshop also showed me how to improve on my teaching methods and what I can do differently."

− Yi Cai

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Upcoming events

Tutor Professional Development Series 3

20 December 2014, Saturday 11.30am- 1.30pm

Guest Speaker: Chng Jia Long, Co-founder and Principal Tutor of Sprightly Learning Campus

You will be learning about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and its impact, and tutoring tips on how you can best help students with ADHD. This sharing session is helpful for tutors to understand more about ADHD and gain the  confidence as well as tutoring skills to teach students with ADHD. For both talks, our speakers will also answer any questions that you may have regarding pedagogy.

Lunch and Professional Photography Sessions will be provided.

Event over

Past events

Tutor Professional Development Series 2

27 September 2014, Saturday 11.30am- 1.30pm

Guest Speaker: Stanley Soh

Stanley will be speaking on major changes in primary maths syllabus and methods, exam requirements, assessment & marking schemes, and practices in daily school work. Stanley will also answer any questions that you may have. This will help maths tutors be more relevant and therefore a greater help with the children they are tutoring.

Lunch and Professional Photography Sessions will be provided.

Event over

Tutor Professional Development Series 1

19 June 2014, Thursday 12pm- 3pm

Guest Speaker: Dr Leong Wei Shin

Dr Leong is a lecturer on classroom assessment and curriculum in NIE. He is a PhD graduand of University of Cambridge, majoring in educational assessment. He will be sharing his thoughts on the topic “Learning in Tuition, Testing in Classroom”, as inspired by one of his relative lament.

Lunch and Professional Photography Sessions will be provided.

Event over

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What is an Epigami Tutor?

They are thorough

What happens if your student goes into an exam and finds himself staring at a question he wasn’t at all prepared for? Poor thing… So always make sure you’ve covered each topic in depth. Providing context as well will help anchor the knowledge in your students’ mind. Consider reviewing your knowledge on each of your subjects regularly, so you can answer every question your student has, and provide interesting insights.

They are prepared

It’s essential to prepare each lesson with some lead-time. You need to be sure you’re tackling the right challenges at the right time with the right tools. But being prepared isn’t just about organising a lesson, but adopting a mindset to help each young mind you reach out to develop itself. Each tuition assignment is going to be different, which means you have to be creative when putting together lessons to grab their attention.

They are committed

Before accepting a tuition assignment, make sure you’ll be able to commit over the full duration of the arrangement. So think about:

  • Travel distance
  • Future changes in your schedule
  • Difficulty (expected timeline & results, level & special needs of a child)

Try to get to your classes with 5 minutes to spare. Arriving late and drenched in sweat isn’t the best image to portray.

They are engaging

It’s easy to pick up a 10 year for a tuition assignment series and just go through it with a student. And this might even get them through a few tests. But they will be bored. You will be bored. And in the end they will forget everything you worked on. Private tutors have a fantastic advantage over their institutional peers whereas you can create a uniquely engaging experience, and take a truly personal approach. Understand each of your students’ personal requirements and build upon it.