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Ms. Alessa Lee

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I am currently instructing Preschool and Primary-level Science in a private Science education company. Science is all around us, and application comes hand-in-hand with learning. Learning is all sensory driven, coupled with the kid's genuine curiosity for things around him/her. Harness this and science learning becomes less challenging and inspiring!

In the past 3 years, I was part of the team to help failing students from Pri 4-6 in a couple local primary schools (I instruct in international schools as well) get back on track and to re-booth their love for science! We have been very successful with majority of students making an improvement of 2 grades, or go from a Fail to a Pass. Passion and genuine love for teaching makes this possible. 

My past tutees have done well for their exams and attained their personal goals, parents are satisfied too.

Aside from guiding the children to know the information by their finger tips, I personally like to immerse children in current affairs of Science advancements, and happenings, to help them connect textbook knowledge with real-life cases. I put a strong emphasis on process skills, and higher order thinking skills, aside from helping him/her to understand the concepts. Most importantly, they must find science fun and inspiring.

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