Mr Alvin Koh, a Math, Science & IB Group 4 Tutor

Mr. Alvin Koh

S$ 100-150/hr
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I’m Alvin Koh, B.Sc (With merits) from NUS. Taught for more than seven years in various educational centers and international schools. Familiar with various types of teaching methodology, syllables and exam formats regarding from SAT, IB, A/O level to IGSCE.

My specialties are in Physics and all branches of Mathematics. I have written physics guide book and SAT math practice book for Fairfield publishing House and is presently their editor. Even before, I have written and design study and exam materials for various educational centers and international schools.

As the saying goes, perfect practice makes perfect. I give students the discipline they need to get well-versed in using information both acquired and given, to make correct judgement calls and make the appropriate assumptions, to manage your time properly, and make decisions on the spot.

I  had helped a student to get from E8 to A2 within three months of tutoring and another F9 to A2 within six months, my track records are too many to list. Many of my students have written testimonials for me and they can verify my credentials. I had taught numerous students taking IB syllabus and guide them on how to write their entrance essay for university admissions in USA or UK and the essential procedures.

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    Bachelor of Science

    2001-2003 VERIFIED


  • Kent Ridge Tutor

    Private Tutor, 3 years


  • Shines Intentional School

    Teacher, 1 year



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