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Mr. Alvin Teo

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Helping people have always been an integral part of who I am, one of the ways were through teaching. I have been teaching since I was still schooling. Then, my students were mainly younger children in Kindergarden and Primary school. At that time, the lessons were more casual and fun. Since then, I have moved on to teach Secondary school students as well as JC and IB student.

Students tend to have a long day at school and are usually tired by the time they have reached home. With little time to rest, they still have to complete their homework and attend tuition.I like to approach lessons with a more relaxed mindset while still focusing on the task at hand. I try my best to make lessons more entertaining and enjoyable. Together with the student, I aim to allow them to learn through guided exploration to foster a sense of responsibility towards their learning as well as feelings of accomplishment. Lessons can be very flexible, depening on the students (or parents) needs and demands, as well as the particular session or time period.

I hope that the student will be able to enjoy lessons as much as possible and be as responsive as they can.<br />

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  • school


    GCE 'A' Level

    2013-2014 VERIFIED


  • English Literature H2 (a-level Year)

    Private Tutor


  • Epigami Asean Scholarship Prep Course

    Private Tutor


  • Secondary 1 English




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