Mr Aman Alhamid, a English, Science & IB Group 4 Tutor

Mr. Aman Alhamid

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Hi! I'm Aman Alhamid!

I'm a Singaporean who spent most of his life growing up in Brunei as my mum stays & works there.

I come from a family of teachers so I guess you could say that it runs in the family :)

I LOVE learning and it is my firm belief that in order for a student to learn well, the learning must be FUN! In fact, studies have shown that students tend to do well in their studies because there was something about the learning process that they enjoyed! I suppose this belief of mine paid off; most of my students in school would run to my science lab with smiles all around!

I specialize in getting students to set their academic goals, track their progress and help them achieve those goals. I also do my best to get the students to love learning and discover their unique learning style so that learning becomes easier and more efficient.

During my career I have assisted and aided many students, some to attain their desired grades both in O & A Level as well as to help primary students enter their secondary school of choice by guiding them to achieve their coveted PSLE scores.

So with all my love for learning, why did I quit being a teacher?

Simple! To take my love for learning one step further!

I am currently working with a very prominent training company in Singapore which entails that I go to hundreds of schools across Singapore and Asia and help thousands of students, of all levels, every year.


When I am not teaching or training, I perform as a professional magician <img title="Wink" src="" alt="Wink" border="0" />


Either way, I always ensure that I enjoy what I do, which I believe benefits everyone <img title="Laughing" src="" alt="Laughing" border="0" />


I look forward to meeting you and your child as well as helping your child grow both as a student and as a person!


Have a magical day ahead!





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  • University of Brunei Darussalam

    Bachelor of Science (2nd Upper Honours) in Education

    2006-2010 VERIFIED

    Bachelor of Science (2nd Upper Honours) in Education


  • Yayasan Secondary School, Brunei Darussalam

    Teacher, 2 years



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