Mr Arga Roh Sahrijal Saragih, a Computer and Networking, Computer Applications & Electrical Technology and Applications Tutor

Mr. Arga Roh Sahrijal Saragih

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I love to tinker things, I like to see how cutting-edge technologies are shaping our life, improving its quality. Yet people are what fascinate me the most. People have the most fickle and adaptive mind especially when we are still juveniles. I am committed to tutoring as I would like to be directly involved in shaping our future by shaping the minds of the young'uns. (Okay, I wrote this because I'm pretty sure reasons like 'I like teaching' won't get your attention.)

I choose mainly Mathematics and Computer Studies because I have passionately invested my time into those topics. In my university, I took courses such as Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms & Data Structures (if you are interested in this topic too, you should check out ) , Software Engineering, etc. to satisfy my insatiable curiousity in the subjects. In my spare time, I read books on the topics. Also, I will be a Mentor in Coursera "R Programming" course in the near future.

If I were to describe my style of teaching, I would say it's akin to playing a hangman. Instead of letting students guess letter-by-letter to get to the word, the students are required to: do some readings related to the word in question, make up words with similar meaning, decipher codes, go to Mars, defeat Voldermort, err just kidding. What I mean is that I give them a variety of progressively harder challenges for them to tackle while learning. If you want a sweet and short description, it is "Provoke their imagination".

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