Mr Arjun Singh, a Math, Science & IB Group 4 Tutor

Mr. Arjun Singh

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Hi! I have been teaching privately for a long time now. I specialise in Maths and Science and have a very innovative method of teaching. I am an advocate of Flipped Learning. This method of teaching is highly effective and fun. I am now also training teachers on how to teach using this pedagogy.


I do believe that education is very important and I am commited to my job. When I take up an assignment, I will do more than required to make sure the targets are met. I have taught nearly 400 students till date. You might think it does not add up but I have taught courses in schools with each class having 40 students, in groups of 2-15 students and also individually. Seeing an improvement in grades is normal. When we work together, we aim further. 


I have many success stories. I will just highlight 1 here. Jeet came to me in June 2014 with C6 for E maths and E8 for A Maths. We did an intensive program for 4 months and his grades jumped to A2 for both A and E Maths. 


Students must have fun in the learning process. If they have fun learning, it will feel less of a chore. They will start enjoying it and it will come naturally. We have to teach our students to understand, not memorise concepts and I know many tips and tricks on how to make students do that. There will be some students for which the usual methods will not work. Because of that, I am constantly innovating my methods. I will keep trying until I find 1 method which works perfectly well.


Learning can be a fun journey. Let's embark on this trip together. 

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