Ms Arvelia Yardhika Ong, a English, Indonesia & Math Tutor

Ms. Arvelia Yardhika Ong

S$ 40-60/hr
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Arvelia has years of experience with many students under her care. She specializes in English, Math and Science.  She studied in Singapore under Scholarship Awards. In MGS, she was in Sophia Blackmore gifted class. She gets into NUS Food Science and Technology that only exclusively admit around 40 students every year.  

Arvelia has always loved children and has special interest towards education. And she loves it a lot! During her university holiday every year, instead of going overseas for luxury holiday, she chose to travel to rural villages in Indonesia. With a group of friends, they conducted classes for the students there and share their lessons plans to the teachers there to help the students there learn better and improve their performance. 

Passion is one of the most important elements that keep Arvelia going.  And when she wants to do something, she will put 150% of her effort. In 2011, Arvelia was asked to work as a assistant teacher in an International Kindergarten Tuition Centre. Without any background experience, she took the challenge and pusher herself because this is the opportunity for her to explore something that she has never done before. Learning by observing and doing, she started to be actively involved in the teaching process and she was even given her own class.

Arvelia understands that every child have their own learning pace. Hence, the lessons plans provided will tailor to the needs of each individual children. The lessons will include revision of school materials to ensure understanding of the concept, focus on highlighted topics that need additional assistance, and practices to get the children comprehend the topics better. The lessons will be planned in such a way that the children will not need to be anxious about their school stuff after the tuition and have their time to enjoy their personal life. With a better preparation and planning, they will not have to burn midnight oils before their exam. 

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