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Ms. Bao Ngoc Thai

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Hi students :D

I'm Thai Bao Ngoc, currently a Year 4 Student at National University of Singapore. I'm from Vietnam.

I believe in my strong Mathematic capability and I'll would like to help those who are finding Math a bit of a struggle. 

As for special exam prep, I have taken IELTS, SAT1 and SAT2. For IELTS, I got 7.5 overall with 8.5 in Reading and Listening, 6.5 for Writing and 7.0 for Speaking. For SAT1, I got 2180 in total: 670 for CR, 760 for Math and 750 for Writing. For SAT2, I got 800 for Math2 and 700 for Chemistry. I would love to help if you're in need.

Thank you very much! Hope to see you soon :D

Best regards,

Thai Bao Ngoc

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