Ms Bao Yi Chong Tutor

Ms. Bao Yi Chong

verified tutor


I have tutored primary school children during my JC and University days.

What I plan to do is, for my first lesson, I will review the kid's test papers and see which section is he/she weak at. I will then figure out whether he/she is weak at remembering concepts, answering technique, solving problems etc. From there I will solve the problem accordingly - if he/she have difficulties remembering concepts, I will make mind maps or simple ways to remember facts, if the problem is an answering technique problem, I will make the kid practise more through past year papers, assessment books, etc.

I am available all days as I am currently looking for a full-time job. Once I get a job, I will be able to tutor during weekends.

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    2:00pm to 5:00pm

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