Mr Bui  Doan Huy, a Economics, Math & Science Tutor

Mr. Bui Doan Huy

S$ 35-45/hr
verified tutor


Hey there, I've been a part time tutor in Singapore for quite sometimes. I started teaching primary school kids when I was in sec 4 as part of our CIP, after which I discovered my passion for teaching. Eversince, I've taught around 20 students in various subjects such as Maths, Chemistry and Physics in JC as well as Secondary School level. My proudest student improved his L1R5 from 25 in Sec 4 Mid-year exam to 12 in O level, scoring A1 for both A Maths and E Maths and Chemistry.


Now I'm currently a second year student at NUS, pursuing a Bachelor's Degree of Business Administration. As my timetable is quite relaxed, I hope I can fulfil my passion for teaching by joining ChampionTutor.

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