Mr Chew Wei Jie, a Economics, Math & Science Tutor

Mr. Chew Wei Jie

S$ 30-46/hr
verified tutor


Hi there! As I am currently waiting for uni to start, I would like to fully utilise my free time in dedicating myself to help and tutor students who are in need of academic help in various subjects that I find myself comfortable with to teach. As such, I am confident of helping my students to understand and to grasp the concepts of the subjects that students often struggle with.


As a peer tutor in both of my alma mater schools, I find myself being fully capable of breaking down difficult concepts in hard subjects such as JC Economics or the various science subjects in the sec/JC syllabus, and then helping my peers understand the key points of the topic needed to master the subject. I believe that getting the foundation and key concepts of every subject is very critical and essential in securing good grades, and I am confident of helping my students do so. 


As for my teaching style, I will try to understand and to pinpoint the various misconceptions and common mistakes that students often make, and then make them do corrective revision assignments, as well as to expose them to higher tier concepts, so that once harder questions appear in examinations, they have the tools necessary to tackle these questions. I believe that consistent practice is key to improvement as well, hence practice assignments such as essay plans and common questions will be gone through during class. 

As much as I know studying can be boring and mundane at times, I will make an effort to present my teaching material and content in the most enjoyable and enriching way possible. 

Well, all these talk are just to fill up this summary. Why not try the REAL thing for yourself? Let me help you with your studies, engage me as your tutor! :D

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    GCE 'O' Level

    2007-2010 VERIFIED


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