Mr Chin Piau Teo, a Chinese, Math & Science Tutor

Mr. Chin Piau Teo

S$ 20-30/hr
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I would like to help the kids nowadays to build strong and solid base for them to pursue their academic goal in their years of studies. My strength is in Maths and Science (Physics). That's why I study mechanical engineering in NTU. I believe there is always a thousand ways to resolve one question. However, the key thing need to be delivered to the kid nowadays is the correct concept and the problem solving skills. The kids need to be equipped with the skill set of identifying the real problem that the question ask and the key points for them to resolve it, which kids nowadays are lacking of. Hence, I would like to improve this by using my experience and knowledge that my teachers taught me in the past. I will have the sense of achievement if I can see the kids taught by me wil have improvement in their academic results. :)

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