Mr Chris Fong, a Math, Science & IB Group 4 Tutor

Mr. Chris Fong

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I am a Chemistry Major in NUS aiming to pursue honours in material sciences. My PSLE score was 257 and I entered Dunman High for 2 years before transferring to NUS High's IP program. I graduated from NUS High with a CAP of 3.98 and my current CAP in NUS is 4.11. I am passionate about teaching especially in the field of chemistry and have had teaching experiences in the form of peer-to-peer teaching in NUS. I have also organised chemistry-related lab sessions for primary and secondary children to enhance their learning in chemistry.

I encourage students to attempt finding out answers on their own before approaching a teacher, as the most important point of learning is the seeking of knowledge, not the knowledge itself. I would teach how to learn, instead of simply spoon-feeding answers that do not help a student is learning how to get answers.

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