Ms Christine Toh, a Economics, English & Math Tutor

Ms. Christine Toh

S$ 25-55/hr
verified tutor


How and why you truly commit to tutoring: I've always enjoyed helping people with their school work whenever they have doubts and it gives me great satisfaction when I am able to help them understand concepts that they have never been able to grasp. 


Why do you teach the subjects you teach? I personally think that Primary English and Math are extremely crucial in setting the right foundation for children in future as they embark on more complicated concepts covered in their sciences and for the various degrees in their uni. With regards to Economics, I've been lucky to be able to take up Economics as my core humantities subject for my O levels and have since developed a keen interest for it till now. My love for Economics have take me this far and I am currently pursuing Economics as my Major in NUS. 


Do you have any success stories? One of my minor success stories would be the times where i am able to help my peers with H2 Economics where many of them struggled to grasp concepts and how to approach essay writing. I am glad that I was able to help clarify their doubts due to my prior knowledge that I've obtained in Secondary School. I was also ranked 5th in cohort in JC2 and was called back to be a relief teacher during my break. 


Describe your particular teaching style. I adopt a repetitive teaching style where I would identify the student's strength and weaknesses during the first lesson which then I stucture my lesson plan accordingly to it. I make sure that I utilise the student's stregnth so that it can come to their advantage during their exams and help them find a way round their weaknesses. 


How do you connect with your student and encourage learning?

I always make subject content relevant to the real world so that they can apply it to things that happen on a daily basis. This also serves to capture their attention so that they are intrigued by what they are learning and hence is less likely to give up when faced with difficulty in questions given to them 


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    GCE 'A' Level

    2012-2013 VERIFIED


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    GCE 'O' Level

    2008-2011 VERIFIED

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