Mr Chung Siang Tey, a Math, Science & IB Group 5 Tutor

Mr. Chung Siang Tey

S$ 40-45/hr
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I'm a graduate from Singapore Polytechnic & NTU in Electrical & Electronics Engineering with Honours Degree. I've 15 years of freelance tutoring experienced and I'm in touched with the latest MOE syllabus who provides 1:1 tuition.

My lesson is easy to understand and I usually comprehend my lessons in an effective method. I'm a patient, dedicated & passionate tutor in teaching; believes that each child is individual & unique thus can be stretched to the best of their abilities. My students & parents feel comfortable with me because I'm approachable & can connect easily with them. 

A simple background on myself as follows -

Teaching approach :

1) Topic-by-topic discussion & helping strategies to enable my tutees to identify the correct heuristic techniques & solve math’s problem sums independently and confidently.

2) Abstract concepts will be simplified for students to understand without deviating from the basic & fundamental of each question.

3) Problem solving techniques with right learning strategies & preferred learning style that caters to student’s learning pace as he understands that each child is unique.

4) Customized learning materials & lesson plans with concise explanation.

5) Target students’ specific weakness and coach progressively with varied assessments.

 Areas of focus :

1) Strengthen the weak foundation.

2) Common made mistakes.

3) Improve cognitive skills

I’ve helped many students along this difficult pace & motivate them towards their desired goals, from failures to high passes & A* students

Do contact me for more information. I'll help you to achieve the best results.  




Parents and students comments : 

1) "Thanks for teaching my son maths. His result show improving.Regards, Ben"

2) "I'm glad to have you as my Math Doctor, if not I'm still a sick patient.Cheers, FR"

3) "Thanks for your coaching my 2 boys these 9 years. We are greatly appreciated. Will call you one of these days for dinner as a token of our appreciation.You r a great tutor and should consider to become a full pledge teacher. Cheers, Uncle Teo"

4) "I've seen your post here and so engage you to become my son's tutor. Indeed his result (math and science) shows improving this few months. Hope to see his result continue to improve and finally can do better in his PSLE next year. Thanks Ivan. - Ryan's Mum"

5)"Today, I received my 'O'level result. My A math got A1 and E math got A2. Thanks for your guidance and patience for these 2 years. From XH"

6) "I got A1 for A-maths and A1 for E-maths for 2010 'O'Level. Thanks Ivan Tutor. Regards, FR"

7) "Through your kind & patience guidance, I've achieved B3 and A1 for A math and E maths respectively last year. I am away to study at the higher college in USA. I believe my brother can score better than me under your guidance. Regards, BS"

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    1997-2000 VERIFIED

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    Diploma in Electrical Engineering

    1993-1995 VERIFIED


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