Ms Cong Yuting, a Chinese, Math & IB Group 5 Tutor

Ms. Cong Yuting

S$ 40-50/hr
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I have good result in Maths as I'm come from China. Math foundation is very strong . I was study in singapore since from Primary school to university (SIM) Engineer + Finance background. My method to teach student is by inspiring student to be actively interested in Maths. Focus on student's weakness and give them easy method to solve student's problem. Always make best relationship with them with respect , if they like you, study together with you will be fun. For Chinese, I have more than 4 years experience to teach student in Chinese from 4years old to sec 2 special/express student by group or individual. I am a part time teacher in Berries learning world tuition school and also having 3 private students asĀ 1 to 1.

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