Mr Daniel Ho, a Chinese, English & Math Tutor

Mr. Daniel Ho

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I was a volunteer tutor at Macpherson Tuition Project since the start of 2014. I mainly teach primary 3 to 6 students mainly in English, Math, Science and Chinese. I have taught more than 5 students and can teach in small groups. My main method of teaching involves allowing students to analyse the problems first before giving various hints in solving the questions. I make learning fun by arousing the students' attention with topics related to their age group to get them interested in learning. I also thrive to ensure that the learning environment is as stress free as possible by occasionally making jokes and giving tangible rewards to make the students happy. Occasionally I would also use nontraditional teaching methods to educate the students. For example, I would get individual students to give a short presentation about themselves to the other students. This is to help boost the student's verbal skills and confidence.




Prior Work Experience: 2yrs financial trader with SGX, with experiences as a financial consultant in a bank and proprietary trading with a trading firm.




Proven Track Record


Students from Macpherson Tuition Project have improved not only in their grades but also in terms of discipline and social skills (Presentations). I believe we need to be an all rounder, in our grades and character.


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  • University College Dublin

    Bachelor of Science in Finance

    2010-2011 VERIFIED

    Bachelor of Science in Finance


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