Ms Dashini Peragash, a English, Geography & IB Group 3 Tutor

Ms. Dashini Peragash

S$ 15-18/hr
verified tutor


My Warmest Greetings Parents,

As an Educator,I understand the importance of education and also acknowledge that it is not possible to be excellent in a subject overnight and that time and lots of practice would lead to an A1. With that said, I am willing to be there with you child at every step of the way, guiding him/her.

I was not the brightest child when I was in primary and secondary school however I was very determined to make sure I got good grades. Therefore I worked extremely hard towards my goal.

I was awarded with awards from the Ministry of Education for my exemplary character as a student multiple times. Therefore I believe that when I am teaching your child, I would not only able to enrich them with knowledge but also cultivate them with determination and spur them with confidence; making it the perfect formula for an excellent student.

I often tutored my family members and they have obtained soaring results. Additionally with my experience as a early childhood educator I would be able to apply those soft skills and enrich your child.

Do contact me at your convenience,Take you for your time

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