Mr Dion Khoo, a Science, IB Group 4 & Engineering Tutor

Mr. Dion Khoo

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I have been teaching A level Chemistry since 1992.  Through the years, I have seen how the syllabus and format of the A level examination evolved.  My teaching involves covering key concepts, selected practice questions from top JC prelims, as well as quizes and tests.  The key features of my teaching style are

1. Using daily life and common observations as analogies to help students remember concepts easier.<br />2.  Examination question (qualitative and deductive nature) answering techniques and keywords, which most students are weak in. <br />3. Linking of concepts across different chapters of Chemistry which is vital in tackling Paper 3.<br />4. Linking concepts in Chemistry with other subjects such as Physics and Biology to show students that what is learnt in Chemistry is not an isolated and exclusive concept.<br />5. Bringing in real life, industrial applications and research that employs concepts learnt in Chemistry which is covered in Paper 3


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    Master of Engineering

    1998-2000 VERIFIED


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    Temasek Polytechnic

    Teacher, 7 years



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