Mr Ryan Nguyen, a Math, Science & IB Group 4 Tutor

Mr. Ryan Nguyen

S$ 35/hr
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I've been a scholar in Singapore for 6 years. I attended Saint's Joseph Institution for my O level and Anderson Junior College for my A level. I scored straight As for O level and 89 rank points for A level.

 In the past I have tutored one Sec boy who just finished his O level and one JC 1 for H2 Maths and Physics. I am currently tutoring one Sec 4 boy for AE Maths ( tutoring since Sec 3) 

I highly value and strongly encourage self-discipline and self-studying. As a tutor,I want to motivate and inspire my students to be enthusiastic about what they are.I believe that inspiring students to take ownership of their studies is the only way through which they can truly improve. My teaching approach is to guide the students through the basic foundations of each chapters by explaining the knowledge in details and helping them get through elementary problems. When they are comfortable with the foundations, I will help them tackle the more challenging ones. 

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