Mr Edmund  Goh, a English, History & Math Tutor

Mr. Edmund Goh

S$ 30-45/hr
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I have been teaching tuition part-time since 2012 and has taught across levels: primary, secondary and junior college. 

For primary level, I specialize in teaching PSLE English, Math and Science for Primary 5 and 6. My students come from various competencies but I have helped students who are scoring C for science to become first in class with A* and A in PSLE and for English, from B to A in PSLE. I familiarize myself with MOE requirements and beyond academic teachings, I help students develop a curiosity for reading and learning outside of the curricula. 

For secondary level, I have taught A Math, English and History for O Levels. I am offering English and History tuition for students who are stuck in B and want to get into the A1 or A2 category. This is bolstered by my social science education at NUS, where essay writing, critical thinking and strong research background is needed for Political and Sociology studies. I have managed to maintain a good CAP of 4.44/5.00 for my degree. 

For junior college students, I am best able to empathise with underachievers and those who are unable to excel despite hardwork and unwavering practice in the field of General Paper and H2 History. I did not do well in my first attempt at A Levels, only clinching A for General Paper. However, during my army years, I re-took A Levels and came away with A for General Paper and improve a 'D' for H2 history to an 'A' with only four months of preparation. I am able to provide my students with the know-how to improve their grades in an effective fashion by focussing on practices, notes preparation and revision techniques. 

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  • P6 English, Science, Maths

    Private Tutor, 6 years


  • O Level History

    Private Tutor, 5 years


  • A Level Gp

    Private Tutor, 5 years


  • O Level A & E Mathematics

    Private Tutor, 5 years



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