Mr Edward Langton, a English, Geography & History Tutor

Mr. Edward Langton

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I am Irish and I was educated in UK. I came to Singapore almost 26 years ago and I am running my own business right now. What I do mainly is preparing business contracts and hosting negotiations between provider and consumers. My good friend in Singapore is a full time tutor and she asked me to help some of her students to improve their English and Humanities, so I did. I find teaching a rewarding experience. The first boy I taught went from nearly fails in English and C5 in Combined Humanities (SS/ History) when he was in Sec 3 to A2 in English and A1 in Combined Humanities for his O level. I love history as a hobby and I told him stories so the boy could visualise the events. Now he is in UK, doing his bachelor degree and he is doing well. From there I had a couple of other students and currently I am teaching a local P4 boy and I am happy to say he is improving greatly. My style of teaching is to build their confidence, develop reading habits, summarising questions and passages into short key points and guide them to find the clue in every sentence. I start at their levels, hold their hands and build them up bit by bit so they can flourish naturally. English is something to be enjoyed, not a subject that needs to be memorised. Humanities is a language based subject, as they learn how to read the clues, they find their grades for Humanities improve as well. For composition writing, I focus on punctuations, the flow and descriptions using the five senses and using good vocabulary to achieve the nuance needed for the essay to achieve its purpose. I do not ask my students to memorise any essays, they need to be able to write the essay with their own words.
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