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Mr. Edwin Loh

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Hi parents and students!

I am currently a full-time tutor and have managed to secure a placing in NUS Pharmacy (IGP AAA/A). I have been tutoring since 2015 and am able to commit until your child takes his/her respective national exam (O/A Level). Please feel free to contact me should you require any further information.

A recent student myself, I am able to deeply empathise the struggles of students today and relate to their learning needs. I acknowledge that education in Singapore today is getting increasingly challenging and demanding, and understand that a source of assistance and guidance would be greatly appreciated. Consequently, you have my assurance that I will be a pillar of support for my students, guiding them step-by-step in their education journey and sharing with them my personal coping strategies as a student so as to help them achieve their desired and deserved stellar results :).

I am currently tutoring and have tutored students from Sec 1 - JC 2, from different academic standings and background such as Raffles JC, Meridian JC, Raffles Institution, St. Hilda's Secondary and Hai Sing Catholic, just to name a few. I will also be taking IP students but will require some liaising with you/your child to tailor our sessions to the school's curriculum which differs from school to school.

Over the years, I am humbled and honoured to be granted the opportunity to learn and grow alongside my students. The following are selected tutoring experience for reference:

- Sec 4 student who was initially weak in Physics, constantly scoring borderline passes (C6 and C5). After 5 months of intensive Physics preparation, she was able to secure an A1 in her prelim exam and went on to score an A1 in the O Levels. She was subsequently accepted into Victoria JC.

- JC1 student who scored S for H2 Chemistry and U for H2 Physics for her MBT (equivalent of CA1) started tuition with me. Subsequently, in just a short span of 2 months, she improved from S to C for Chemistry and U to C for Physics during her mid-year exam. Following which, she was successfully promoted to JC2 after doing well for her promotional exam.

- Sec 1 student who never attended school due to personal reasons. I was tasked with the tremendous responsibility of singlehandedly coaching him Maths and Science and to ensure that he has a strong foundation for his future studies. After half a year of tuition with me, he eventually scored well for his end-of-year exam, passing both Maths and Science, with Science getting A1, and was subsequently promoted to Sec 2 Express.

- Sec 5 student who consistently failed Chemistry started tuition with me saw improvement within 2 months from E8 to C5, passing Chemistry for the first time.

- Sec 4 NA student who consistently obtained borderline passes for Maths and Combined Sciences. I spent most of my time with him revising through his year 1-4 fundamentals, so as to ensure that he is sufficiently and adequately prepared to ace his upcoming N Levels.

The teaching experience that I've accumulated has empowered me with the techniques to deliver concepts in the most lucid and easily comprehensible manner possible, as well as uncover the different learning approaches to effectively understand and excel in the various subjects. When conducting lessons, I base my teaching pedagogy on the following points:

1. Understand the student's learning style: it is ineffective to continue teaching in a way that does not resonate with the student. Hence, I will endeavour to understand how the student learns so as to deliver my lessons in a way that suits the student's learning styles so that he/she is able to grasp the concepts easily.

2. Engaging my student in discussions: I will not be the only one that is 'preaching' and providing all the answers. My student has to contribute his/her fair share too, explaining concepts and how he/she arrives at the answer. This is so that I can effectively identify and correct any conceptual errors that he/she has and obtain immediate feedback of how much he/she has learnt, what he/she is learning wrong and ensure that concepts are fully understood. Of course, to ensure good interaction, I am friendly, patient and approachable :).

3. Impart studying techniques: this is to facilitate the student's learning process and enhance their learning experience. Through much trial and error as a student, I've uncovered the technique of how to learn in the most efficient manner. Learning different subjects requires different approaches. Hence, I will endeavour to impart these studying techniques to my students so that they can become effective and independent learners in future.

4. Focus on building and strengthening conceptual understanding: the syllabus today is vastly different with exam questions becoming harder to spot and requiring a lot of critical thinking. Students can no longer rely on rote learning and memorising to score the A grade. During my lessons, I place a lot of emphasis in inculcating and imparting critical thinking skills. This is so that my students will be able to stand on their own feet and confidently handle the challenging questions in their exams.

5. Highlighting the important parts and concepts of each topic: this is so that students are able to conduct their revision in a more focused and collimated manner. This ensures that precious time is well utilized and spent in the best way possible to maximize their learning and results. Practice questions provided will be selectively and carefully chosen so that more time can be devoted to explaining them in depth. Given the limited lesson time that we have every week, by focusing on the important concepts and the students' weaknesses, this ensures that the syllabus can be comprehensively covered in time. Our lesson time is thus made value for money :).

If you have realised, the similarity of the above points are the notions of independence and self-motivation. Personally, I greatly value these qualities as they have enabled to me sail smoothly through my education journey without having any tuition or much assistance. Therefore, besides clarifying doubts and laying a strong conceptual foundation for my students, I strongly believe that it is equally, if not more, important to inculcate the attributes of independence and self-motivation, as these values will ensure that my students are able to go far in their education journey, and also in their life.

I believe that with my experience, dedication, commitment and patience, I will be able to motivate and inspire my students as well as build up their confidence and interest in their studies. You have my assurance that I will teach to the best of my ability. With my amicable and dedicated approach, I look forward to seeing your child score well in his/her exams and becoming an independent and self-motivated learner, one who is able to excel on his/her own without much intervention and assistance. Who knows, one day you'll see your child in my position, as a tutor, inculcating the qualities of independence to other future students? As Confucius once said "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Thank you for taking the time to read this mini self write-up of mine! I am looking forward to a pleasant working relationship with you and to allow your child to soar to a whole new level of academic success!

^ I am currently in the midst of developing a curriculum for small-group tuition classes. To find out how this curriculum may benefit you/your child, please feel free to contact me at 83996296 for more information.

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