Ms Elaine Lau, a Chinese, Literature & IB Language B Tutor

Ms. Elaine Lau

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I was schooling in Chung Hwa High School which is a Chinese Independent School in Malaysia when I was younger. We learnt Higher Chinese and Chinese Literature, all our subjects are taught in Chinese too. Thus I am confident that my Chinese has achieved an adequate level to enable me to teach Chinese.

I have won an award of National Chinese Literature Writing back in high school, and participated and also won sorts of Chinese Debate and Chinese Speech competition. Please feel free to ask for the certificates if you would like to know more.

I can be a stern or free and easy teacher depending on the student and the parents, as different method may suit different people. Despite having no tutoring experience, I have taught Chinese in a kindergarten before for 6 months and also I have been teaching piano for 5 years and still ongoing. Thus I am confident that I know how to coach a student and cater my teaching style to the student's maximum benefit.

I am never a teacher that leaves task to the student alone. For years, I always give a task for the student to tacker, then examine and guide him/her to solve the problem. If problem arises, I would prefer to talk to both student and parents and find a solution to it. I believe that everyone has a different speed in achieving things, thus should take it slowly and it is important to build a strong foundation first. However, level of difficulty will also be slowly increased as the student achieved a higher level of understanding in Chinese.

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