Ms Elouise Liew, a Chinese, French & Music Tutor

Ms. Elouise Liew

S$ 45-50/hr
verified tutor


I have 4 years of full-time tutoring experience in Math (Specialized), Science, English, and Chinese for all Primary levels(specialized in PSLE); and Chinese in Sec1-Sec4 levels. I am familiar with the current MOE syllabus and always expose students to a variety way of understanding the topics and exam questions. Some of my achievements are-

 1) Two Sec 1 girls, whose Maths and English were the weakest subjects, have improved from failing grade to flying colors in their final exams after few months of hard work and constant supervision and still maintain as the top in their class.

 2) A P5 boy who could not speak and read Chinese, after 2 years of coaching, has improved from failing grade (around 35%) to 90% for his exam and A* in PSLE. He can now speak fluently with his Chinese peers.


Other than coaching students academically, I focus on character building when necessary as I believe that without a right attitude and a sense of responsibility in own achievement in life, it is hard to strive for excellence for own future.=) I am a fun teacher, other than coaching in a serious and stern manner, I would always like to add some funs into the teaching session so as to make it an interesting and less tedious one so that students will like it. I always believe that this is the most important element in life especially when it comes to study -- if you want to excel in one subject, you must first love it.

I am able to start immediately. I work on weekdays and Saturday. But I can arrange some additional lessons on Sunday on exceptional basis.

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