Mr Ernest Lin Yizhi, a Music, Science & Social Studies Tutor

Mr. Ernest Lin Yizhi

S$ 25-50/hr
verified tutor


As a psychology graduate with a passion for teaching, I hope to inspire our future generation to fulfill their potential in their learning and academics. <br /><br />When teaching, I emphasise on students' personal ownership over their own learning. I guide my students in their own goal setting and even challenge them to look beyond their primary or secondary school education. For example, as someone who has gone through university, I can offer my advice on university level courses and choices.<br /><br />I emphasise students' clear writing and communication, skills which are valued not only in school but also in their future workplaces.<br /><br />I like to break down learning and class materials in a clear and accessible manner so that students can learn, retain and access concepts effectively in their school work or exams.<br /><br />Most importantly, I like to challenge students' thinking skills and to stretch their mind so that they know the skills to not only be critical consumers of information but also integrate knowledge and information that they will encounter on a daily basis. <br /><br />This way, they can be empowered to take charge of their own learning, way beyond their formal school years! 

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