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Tuition is more than teaching, it is about coaching

Thank you for taking the time to review my profile. I am a full-time private tutor with 8 years of experience specialising in secondary school math (lower sec math, A math, E math) and the sciences (lower sec science, physics, chemistry, combined). Prior to this, I had cut my chops in Hwa Chong Institution and the highly competitive NUS Industrial Systems Engineering Faculty, earning straight distinctions in all my mathematics and science subjects along the way (O levels, A levels).

To me, tuition is more than teaching, it is about coaching. Teaching is a one way street where the emphasis is on the teacher. Coaching on the other hand, is a two way street where the emphasis is on the student. I teach, observe the student, provide and receive feedback and customize my teaching style for the student. Coaching is also not only about teaching or clarifying concepts, but about equipping the student with critical thinking skills that is crucial for real life success. This is unfortunately, not a strong point of Singapore’s education system.

In other words, I sincerely hope to embark on a long term journey with my students and see them grow into confident, mature thinkers with a rock-solid foundation in the math and sciences. Parents play an important role in this journey as well, and I am more than pleased to keep parents constantly updated as we grow together on this journey.

I believe my background has provided me the skills to turn complex concepts simple to grasp while utilising the right thinking approach, thus saving time and energy in the process. I also pride myself on being a patient and warm tutor, but who knows when to be firm as well. However, self-praise is no praise, so let’s hear what my students have to say about me and my track record, such as helping a student improve from D7 to A1 in E maths within a year.

If you are interested in what I have to offer, do feel free to contact me and I would love to discuss further with you on how I can be of service.


Ethan has been my tutor for the past one year, giving me tuition for A maths and E maths for 2 hours every Sunday.

During each tuition session, he would explain to me the formulas in detail to solve the mathematical problems. If I am still unsure, he will continue to guide me and explain further by quoting examples to make sure I fully understand the solutions.

He is a patient tutor who also shows concern about my school results. After each test or exam, he would go through the test sheets with me thoroughly to to rectify my mistakes. At times when I need to change tuition dates, he is also an accommodating tutor who is willing to oblige to changes in tuition schedule. He is not only knowledgeable, but also patient, meticulous, friendly and approachable. I am comfortable with his teaching style. Ethan is also an all-rounder tutor who sincerely cares for his students and ensures that his students do well in their studies.

I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good and reliable tutor at an affordable rate.

Leon Yeoh (Maris Stella High School)

As an Andersonian, I was struggling to cope up with my subjects, mainly Maths and Science. From Secondary 3 onwards, I had a tough time battling with Physics and Additional Mathematics. I had enrolled myself in many tuition centres but they still didn't work out for me as I they were too fast paced. Then, I saw Ethan's profile on the internet and decided to engage him as my personal tutor for Additional Mathematics and Physics. As time progressed, I was able to cope up with the syllabus and my school work. The pace in which he taught me suited my needs as he was able to adjust according to my standards. He gave many worksheets and clarified many of my doubts. Additionally, I was also able to contact him whenever I had any doubts, which was extremely helpful. This helped me improve my grades tremendously in my O Level Examinations. I'm extremely thankful to him for his guidance.

Jaiganesh Charan (Anderson Secondary School)

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    Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial & Systems Engineering)

    2009-2013 VERIFIED

    Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial & Systems Engineering)

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    GCE 'O' Level

    2001-2004 VERIFIED

    GCE 'O' Level


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