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It is my hope as a teacher to encourage, nurture and guide my students to be the very best versions of themselves - be it in their academic performance or their daily lives. In a classroom setting however, teacher has to strive to pay equal attention to the need of all her 40 students. As such, one is bound to feel that the positive influences that could be shared by the teacher become limited.

My mission as a tutor is simple: to help my students improve their performance and to do well in studies. I sincerely hope that through my help and assistance, these students could achieve their potential.

My teaching style is best suited for a one-on-one or a one-to-few basis because I find that this is the best approach to help out my students: to recognise their area of weaknesses, and then to tailor my teaching methods to focus on addressing their challenges.

On a regular basis, I explain the concepts to my students through examples, repetitions and plenty of exercises. I believe I am one of those who believes that "practice makes perfect". More importantly though, I believe that "good practice makes perfect." We have to practice a lot, and practice smart of course.

I like to get my students to participate in learning. Usually, I don't provide them immediately with answers. Sure, as a teacher or a tutor, people sometimes expect myself to provide answer. However, I believe that in education that is not the case. In exam, no one is going to give the students free answer. As such, I strive to engage students by giving them hints, clues, and prodding to help them arrive at the answer. I view myself as a coach, who steps in to support and guide the students along in their journey to academic excellence. 

My proudest achievement was when my 4 tuition students from IJC were able to achieve the A grades in their A Level General Paper and Economics, even though they struggled really badly throughout their 2 years in JC.

I look forward to engaging and enriching you/ your children's studies and with hard work, perseverance and a little help from my side, I am sure we can achieve academic excellence! :) 

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    Woodgrove Primary School

    Teacher, 1 year


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    Innova Junior College

    Private Tutor, 1 year


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    Concord Primary School




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