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Mr. Gabriel Seah

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Hi, My name is Gabriel and I've been a tutor for 8 Years. My area of expertise is on Math, A math ,Science , Pure Chem/Phy or Comb chem/phy.

Throughout my career as a freelance tutor, I've had 10 students , of which 8 were taught since they were primary 5 till graduation in secondary 4. I am exceptionally good with weaker students, with 70% of my students experience at least 2 grade jump within 2 years of my teaching.

My teaching model to students is to establish a comfortable studying environment for them so that they would be more likely to respond to my critical thinking questions.Through these questions,what I aim to help every child achieve is to SURPASS beyond academic scoring ability, but the LIFE SKILL to question and think before accepting what is said or done by others. This , i think, is a skill that most students lacked, when they are entering tertiary education.

I strongly believe that parents play a vital role in students grade and usually for the first lesson I'd wish to be able to speak with either 1 of the parents to understand more on how I am able to help their child maximize their learning ability.

Tuition Fees does not include materials for the students , hence there will be additional charge for extra study materials.

Cheers !

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  • University Of Glasgow

    Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical Engineering)

    2013-2015 VERIFIED


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