Mr Goh Ryan, a Geography, Math & Music Tutor

Mr. Goh Ryan

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My education experience was not entirely smooth-sailing.

Simply by reviewing my schooling journey, one would be astonished by my choices in my former institutions. From a five-minute walk to my primary school, a thirty-minute commute via public transport to my secondary school to a one-and-a-half hour journey (almost a daily 'pilgrimage') to my junior college would seem exhausting to most. Definitely, it was.

In my early years, I was not strong in my academics. Coupled with laziness, my grades gradually became worse. It hit me most when I received my O Level result, because I could not make it into the local junior colleges near my home. After much consideration, I did not know what I really wanted to study in a polytechnic, so I went for a junior college that was extremely far from where I lived.

There, I pushed myself to improve. Although my grades were not stellar (partly due to distance and CCA dedication), I managed to land myself a spot in a local university.

Hence, I want to use my experience so far as a motivation to any struggling student out there that hard work CAN and WILL pay off. Of course, it will involve time and effort, but I am confident anyone can do it, regardless of current academic situation.

With this in mind, I believe that I can connect with students who require an additional helping hand with their schoolwork. Being a kinesthetic learner, practice will make perfect, especially by rigorous drilling with questions from past year papers and similar material. However, I acknowledge problems visual and audio learners face regarding lengthy, mundane academic texts. As such, drawings and diagrams will enable students to understand such concepts and apply accordingly.

Personality-wise, I'm a rather friendly and approachable person. Making friends and guiding them through their hurdles is my passion, thus I have faith in doing so with potential tutees.

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