Ms Grace Zhang, a Chinese, Language Tutor

Ms. Grace Zhang

S$ 30-50/hr
verified tutor


I have been studying in shanghai for my pri, sec and senior high school and have been in singapore for 12 years. I have graduated from NP for diploma and NUS for my degree.

Mandarin is my mother tongue, through my 5 years tuition experiences, I got enough resources readily at hand will be used in customizing instructions and materials according to the students' needs .

An effectively bilingual language teaching style can help to provide immediate translations whenever necessary. The lesson will be conducted predominantly in Mandarin, with the goal of a pure Chinese Language learning environment in time to come.

Continually engage students in the long run, creative and fun teaching methods are at times employed to make learning a more interesting experience.

Be patient and believes in the student helps students to believe in themselves.

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  • So far Ms. Zhang seems good.

    2 years ago.

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