Ms Siti Mohamed, a English, History & Math Tutor

Ms. Siti Mohamed

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Having formed the first batch of the prestigious Humanities Programme of what was then Raffles Junior College, I believe that I'd had front row seats to the level of teaching that can be aspired to as well as first hand experience of the competitiveness of Singapore's education system.

Having gone on to excel in international entrance exams like the GRE and GMAT (96th percentile in Global rankings on both the verbal and analytical writing sets), I believe I understand what examiners are looking for. General Paper, English and History- subjects where analytical skills are critical, are my forte. 

The acquisition of other languages (French, Spanish with Turkish and Arabic on the cards in the near future), has also helped me to understand better the process behind the learning of a language, something that I feel would contribute to my pedagogical skills and help in helping my students to learn and correct grammatical faults.

Am very exam-oriented and place greater emphasis on critical analysis instead of cramming information, developing the student's ability of making a stand and defending it instead of cramming knowledge or information within an essay- skills that are essential to obtaining excellent grades not only at the A levels but later on in a higher education setting as well.

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