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Mr. Henry Yin

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This is because in the past, through a lot of hardship and determination, plus having a good memory, I fianlly did very well in my PSLE with 182 marks . for my N levels, I scored 16 points and for my O levels, I scored 23 points for my L1R4, English and the other 4 subjects. What i aim is that I hope in the future, those students whom I teach will be able to do as well as me in their exams, tests or quizzes. For me, i am a very patient and responsible person. I teach them how to calculate the numbers for maths, tell them how to conquer the challenges and teach them how to write a good essay for their English and Chinese. For Science, I can teach them how to apply their Science into real life and I do not ask them to memeorise subjects becuase it is a subject to be applied. Gradually, I would hold their hands and flourish them slowly and I believe at the end of the day, they would be able to success and do well for their exams. I would also give them difficult practices to try and clear their doubts as soon as I can so that they would find it easier during the tests,quizs or exams they take in school.

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