Ms Hui Mei Loh, a Math, Science & IB Group 5 Tutor

Ms. Hui Mei Loh

S$ 25-35/hr
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I am about to complete my Diploma in Pharmacy Science at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and would like to be a part-time tutor to gain some teaching experiences. I do not have any official teaching experiences, but i have voluntarily taught a relative of mine Mathematics whom was a lower secondary student. I have attained a handful of academic achievements since secondary school, such as the Edusave Good Progress Award, The Silver Level of National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA), Overseas Merit Award, and have been on the Director's list for 3 consecutive semesters in polytechnic. I was also awarded a prize for best performance in various modules in polytechnic such as Mathematics, Biostatistics and other science-related modules as well (e.g. Clinical Biochemistry). Although I may not have much teaching experiences, i am responsible and will be 100% committed as a tutor.


I would like to teach mathematics and science because i have always been good at them since primary school, hence i would be more confident in teaching them.

My teaching style would be to first assess the student's current performance and then gauge the level that he/she is at before giving them assignments to complete, which should be completed before the next tuition session. Upon completion of their assignments, i would mark them on the spot and any wrong answers would be explained instantly. From the students' wrong answers, their weaker areas can be determined and more assignments targeted at these areas can be implemented. I would also provide students with my mobile number so that they can easily reach me if they encouter any difficulties in their homework or assignments given. 

I encourage learning by mainly asking students to draft out their own goals and ambitions. From these, i will help develop discrepany and support self efficacy to provide the help required for them to achive their desired goals. 

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