Ms Huiying  Li, a English, Math & Science Tutor

Ms. Huiying Li

S$ 25-35/hr
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I have experience teaching, while not in an institution. As part of a Community Service Project (CIP), I joined Touch Young Arrows (TYA) for a period of 8 months to tutor the children there every Saturday. More often than not, I had to teach more than 2 children at a time, allowing me to become more focused and able to handle more things at a time. From this experience, I learnt that I really like to work with children, especially helping those who have so much potential but are unable to achieve it. It brings me such joy to see them learn and grow. 

I believe I am capable of teaching these subjects because I enjoy these subjects very much. I hope to be able to pass on that joy of learning to the children I teach, helping them understand that the ability to learn is more important than the end results. 

I will be focused on the harder aspects of a subject that a child has trouble grasping. Their understanding of a subject is paramount to me, hence I would always check to make sure that they are following. I would also encourage them because I believe that positive feedback will work better, in the long and short term. 

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