Ms Isadora Poh, a English, Literature & Math Tutor

Ms. Isadora Poh

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My name is Isadora. I am a ABRSM Grade 8 distinction graduate looking to further my music education. I have had previous experience teaching music students both in schools and as a private tutor. I also have experiences playing keyboards with several bands. I enjoy teaching both children and adults. if you think you can't play music, I'll prove you wrong. Everyone can do it. 

I believe in using music to teach students lessons they can use in life. Music is not the easiest skill to learn. It takes great determination and it creates greater sensitivity in a student, both to their environment and to other people. There is a tipping point in every level of learning that imparts to students a sense of self-esteem that they carry forward to other areas of their life. Learning to read music shows so many different layers someone can find on a page that is usually overlooked but which makes so much difference in a song. It’s a language that brings a different layer of character to the students who learns it. Helping students make sense of music and integrating music into their lives drives me to learn more.

I use teaching as a channel to improve self-esteem. I believe that everyone has potential and helping them gain confidence in one area of their lives or just showing them that they have potential in any area gives them a confidence. I've had students who came to me believing they could not play music or that they were in general a failure in life to being more confident and happier individuals. And with that confidence, they not only do well in music, they carry that confidence over to other parts of their life. I also conduct English and English literature classes. My music background translates to better skills with language and interpretation within language. With language, I am very particular in pronunciation and am intolerant of sloppy English. That is something I impart that to my students. I am also good with grammar and English literature. I approach both these subject as an art form rather than a hard subject and this view aids learning.

I am also able to conduct Primary and Secondary levels Math and Sciences.

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    ABRSM Grade 8 Distinction

    2015-2015 VERIFIED

  • school


    Bachelor of Science in Real Estate

    2002-2006 VERIFIED


  • Elka Music School

    Teacher, 3 years


  • Midiworld Music School

    Teacher, 2 years



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