Mr Jackson Toh, a Math, IB Group 5 Tutor

Mr. Jackson Toh

S$ 40-45/hr
verified tutor


I am very passionate in teaching maths and hence specialises in only teaching Secondary and H1/H2 Math Only, 

I love to communicate with students and helped them in understanding math better. My teaching style is more of a friend-tutor type where i communicate with my students and make them feel comfortable with me as a friendly tutor. I believe that communication is the most important aspect when it comes to tuition. Students only will listen if they like their tutor, and only when they start to listen, delivery of content will be much more effective.

I do talk to my students and motivate them on learning Math for their own aspect and why they need to learn Math and understand what Math is all about. 

I have quite many success stories, one of the best ones is helping a F9 student to get B3 for O Levels. He was a Sec 5 student who did not like to study at all and has been slacking for his past 5 years, but I managed to communicate with him and encourage him to learn while i re taught him the whole O level syllabus within 6 months. He never thought he could ever climb to score a B3 in his whole life and after that he became more motivated and disciplined in his studies.

I am currently a full-time tutor although given my high qualifications i can find a much more lucrative job. This is because i really enjoy communicating with students and helped them in understanding Math. This shows how dedicated and passionate I am as a tutor.


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    Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics)

    2006-2009 VERIFIED

    Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics)


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    5:00pm to 7:00pm
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