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Ms. Janessa Sit

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Hi there! I am Janessa, turning 22 this year and in my second year at NUS Law. 

Prior to NUS, I graduated 2nd in my cohort (with a GPA of 3.87/4.00) in Singapore Polytechnic where I studied Applied Drama and Psychology. Some of the modules I took in SP allowed me the opportunity to work with children and experience being an educator, for instance, modules like: Story Drama, Drama-in-Education, Theatre-in-Education. In addition, I completed internships at My English School (formerly I Can Read) as well as Kinderland (Singapore Polytechnic branch) which granted me valuable experience in handling children from as young as 18 months to as old as 12 years.

Even earlier, I was a student in the Integrated Programme at Nanyang Girls' High. 

Over the past few months, I have been tutoring a Primary 3 boy in English and have worked hard on improving his foundation of the subject. I’m confident that this experience, coupled with previous encounters with children are sufficient for me to take up tutoring. In addition, I have done well consistently in my academics, which has ultimately landed me a prestigious place studying Law at NUS. This puts me in good stead to steer children towards the same path in achieving the same results. 

I intend to make use of extra-curricular assessment books as well as past-year exam papers from schools in my teaching. Doing so would allow a child more practice in attempting questions and prepare the child well for examination. While I would endeavour to push the child towards a good result, in the process of doing so, I would make sure to explain concepts and steps to the child in a logical and consistent manner such that the child does not memorise answers but instead understands concepts.

Hopefully, through interesting explanations and analogies, tuition would not kill the child’s love of learning. 

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    Bachelor of Laws

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    Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology

    2011-2014 VERIFIED

    Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology

    Director's Honour Roll

    Director's Honour Roll

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    IP Programme

    2007-2010 VERIFIED


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    Farrer Park Primary School

    Private Tutor, 3 years



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