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Ms. Jaslyn Lim

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Hi Students, 

I specialises in teaching math as I believe that math is not scary and everyone will get their chance to eventually excel in the subject when you fully understand the logic and concept! 

I started teaching since 14, first coaching an EM3 student from Red Swartika School. Eventually she scored well in her PSLE and got into Normal Academics. This is just one of my milestone teaching as a private tutor. I hope there will be more examples of success stories like this!

My current students are also straight As students (with their report book records) .

I do not believe in scolding and forcing you. But one thing for sure, you need to put in effort in doing my homework. That will be a great start to improve math as you cannot memorise those formulas without practice.


Past Tutoring Experiences:

1. Tao Nan School P1-P3 Group Tuition to a family Chinese/English (Primary)

2. Red Swatika School P5-P6 English/Maths (Primary) The student was promoted to from NT to N.A in secondary school

3. Greendale Primary P3-4 English/Math/Science (Primary)


4. Horizon Primary P5 English/Math/Science (Primary)

5. Holy Innnocents Secondary P5-Sec 3 English & Math (Primary) / Science/EMaths & A Maths (Secondary)

6. Queenstown Secondary Sec 1-4 Sciences/ E Maths

7. Queenstown Secondary Sec 1-4 E Maths

8. St. Gabriel Secondary Sec1-2 E Maths

9.Pei Hwa Secondary Sec4 E Maths

10. Springdale Primary P5 English/Maths/Science

11. Greendale Primary P2 English/Maths

12. North Vista S3 E Maths 

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