Mr Javier Pang, a Math, Science & IB Group 4 Tutor

Mr. Javier Pang

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I am a full time tutor specializing in O-Level Math/Science.My name is Javier Pang and I am a full time tutor specializing in GCE O-Level (A/E Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) syllabus. I currently hold a NUS bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering with Honors. I started offering Mathematics and Science tuition to students at the age of 22 during my tertiary education in NUS. While managing my rigorous workload in NUS, I was helping many under-performing students to effectively grasp the concepts of Mathematics and Science. By using simple day-to-day examples, I was helping them to relate the concepts better and developing their interest in the subjects. I enjoy sharing my knowledge so much that I decide to reach out to more students as a full-time commitment. I’m a firm believer of developing a growth mindset and as such your perspective profoundly affects how you live and lead your life. Just because results don’t turn out in your favor doesn't mean that the event is over. Instead, come at the situation from a new angle. I believe every student who comes to me is an unique individual and so no one method is able to effectively apply to all. Hence, teaching requires a sensitive mind with great flexibility to bring out the best in every student. Teaching is a direct relationship. I believe in teaching just a few, as it requires constant alert observations on each individual in order to establish a true, direct relationship.

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    Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental Engineering)

    2008-2012 VERIFIED


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    Private Tutor, 6 years



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