Mr Jet Ng, a Economics, IB Group 3 Tutor

Mr. Jet Ng

S$ 80/hr
verified tutor


I am a teacher trained by the Ministry of Education with a strong love of economics. I believe that the reason why many students dislike economics is because they have not been introduced and taught the subject the right way.


I have been giving economics tuition at both 'A' levels as well as University level for more than 6 years. After my lessons, my students manage to understand key economics concepts and start to develop love and enthusiasm for the discipline. My personal goal for every student is to enable them to see the relevance and importance of economics in daily life. I believe that only then will they have the enthusiasm to pursue and master it as an academic discipline.

My overseas studies at the London School of Economics has allowed me to understand economics from various international perspectives. Although 'A' level students are not expected to study the subject in such depth, from experience, my familiarity with and depth of knowledge of the subject contributes greatly to explain concepts clearly. I am confident of my ability to help students understand just what this unfamiliar subject is all about and to develop an interest in the discipline.

Ps. I am well-versed in the new Economics syllabus that will be rolled out starting 2016 for JC1 students. Contact me early to give your child the head start they need. 


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  • school


    Post Graduate Diploma in Education

    2009-2011 VERIFIED

  • London School of Economics

    Bachelor of Science in Economics

    2006-2009 VERIFIED

  • school


    GCE 'A' Level

    2002-2003 VERIFIED


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