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I am currently studying in NUS (third year). I have taught 6 students in total.  Below are the results of the five students: (I didnt ask their permission, so names will not be shown)

1. Boy in Singapore.  (2012, one semester of teaching)<br />    O-level math: C6 to B3 (O-level result)<br />2. Boy in China. (2013,one semester of teaching)<br />    Primary Math, English, Chinese.<br />    Overall Ranked 10th in class to Top in Math, second place in English and Chinese (45 students in his class)<br />3. Girl in China (2013,one semester of teaching)<br />    Primary Math:<br />    Ranked 35 in class to 15. (45 students in    total)<br />4. Boy in Singapore (2013,three month of teaching)<br />    Sec 2 Math<br />    Was between B3 to B4, secured A1 in his recent exam<br />5. Boy in Singapore (2013,three month of teaching)<br />    Sec 1 Math<br />    Was B4 to B5, very week in certain area. Scored 80.5/100 in his recent exam.

6. Boy in Singapore (2015)

    JC2 Math

     Improved from D to B (A-level result) in one semester

 As the result shown, all students show pleasing improvement. 

I was in NUS High School of Math & Science. By the name of the school, we are specialized in math & science.From Sec 3 to Sec 6 (JC1), I got straight A/A+ in all Math, Chemistry and Physics core modules despite of the wider range and greater depth in the syllabus as compared to normal A-level school. 

I personally like to teach Math. As i enjoy the time be immersed into the flow of logic with students.

In my teaching, students will get plenty of chances in doing practice. I prefer to introduce them the knowledge by guiding them through questions. 

I hope you would find me helpful. =)

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