Mr Jin Sei Jun, a English Tutor

Mr. Jin Sei Jun

S$ 50-60/hr
verified tutor


I am currently an undergraduate in NUS Faculty of Law. I have played waterpolo for 10 years from my time in Raffles Institution till now in NUS. I treat tutoring just like my team sport. Depending on the ability of the student, I can slow down or increase the tempo. My approach to teaching English/GP is methodical, which is easy for students to pick up and practise. My firm belief is that practice makes perfect, hence it is imperative that students hone their essay writing and AQ skills as much as possible before their exams. Not only does English/GP require skills, but a lot of contextual knowledge as well. I encourage students to record and memorize interesting statistics with regards to different topics, so that their writing is backed up by solid facts. This further ensures a better grade for their writing. Lastly, I approach students in a hybrid of a teacher-friend relationship. Students learn best when they feel comfortable and can relate to their tutors. 

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