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I have being giving tuition at home to over 100 families since my Secondary student period to earn additional pocket money. 

As a tuitor for the past 30 years or so,  my unique strength will be the overseas graduate with living experience in England, China, Korea, Japan and Singapore. Cross-cultural exposure will be my major advantage to fellow Singaporean students for a wider international knowledge in additional to the standard Singapore syllabus. I am committed to provide a professional tuition service from primary to A level for most subjects that I am capable to teach (except Chemistry, Biology, Literature and other art subjects)

Please note that beside the formal occupation that I have done during the last 30+ years, I have being doing part-time tuition for the following period:

Childhood period: 1971 to 1975, given tuition to the neighbours from Primary to Secondary level in all subjects.

Graduate returning home period: 1983 to 1989: Giving tuition to the neighbours from Primary to A level in all subjects (Mainly English, Chinese, Science, Geography, History, Maths, and Physics).  Techer for a class of 40+ adults students in Information Technology subject at NPB (National Productivity Board) Bukit Merah Central.

China relocation period: 2001 to 2016: Due to my relocation of job in China, for the past 16 years, I have being given tuition to students in English language in Beijing and Shanghai as a part-time tuitor.

I am fluent in both English and Chinese, basic knowledge of Japanese and Korean.

My local contact phone number is 9469-6000

Thank you very much.

Yours truly,


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Subjects, Rates and Levels taught


  • State Commission, Beijing, China

    Cert. Of Chinese Proficiency, Advance level

    1996-1996 VERIFIED

  • University of Strathclyde, UK


    1991-1993 VERIFIED

  • Association of International Education, Japan

    Level 4, Japanese Language Proficiency

    1988-1989 VERIFIED

  • University of Essex, UK

    Bachelor of Science in Engineering

    1980-1983 VERIFIED


  • Home Tuitor

    Private Tutor, 46 years


  • National Productivity Board




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